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Nestle Ordered to Stop Using Incredible Trademark

Impossible Food wins Impossible trademark battle! The District Court of The Hague in the Netherlands ruled that Nestlé’s use of Incredible infringes upon the Impossible Foods trademark Impossible. The court said Nestlé was trying to deliberately confuse consumers.             Consumers would be confused by Impossible and Incredible. The Court decided […]

“Sussex Royal” Trademark Update

Flash of Genius – Spontaneous thoughts from the IP Guy Harry and Meghan have announced they will not use the “Sussex Royal” trademark saga. (Click here for the related article, “Five Royal Trademark Lessons from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex”) In the United Kingdom, use of the word “Royal” is reserved for the royal […]

Obamas Face Setback in Trademark Dispute

Obama Trademark Case: Six Lessons Learned The New York Times reported that former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama had filed to register the trademark, “Higher Ground,” for their entertainment company. But they were refused. Hanisya Massey got their first. She registered “Higher Ground” more than ten years earlier. They’re now fighting […]


The English language can be challenging. Words can have different meanings for different readers. Even with great care, words that seem clear can be interpreted in different ways. Let’s not kill all the lawyers. Just understand that language is tough to interpret.