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Which Patent is Right for You?

 The Different Types of Patents Available in the United States By Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, The IP Guy I got a call from a client today asking about his latest invention. He asked what types of patents are available, and which one he should pursue. The question is, “What type of patent is right […]

How to Get the Most from Your Content!

If you’re a content creator, take two minutes and read this article. If your business creates articles, blogs, brochures, catalogues, images, websites, software, manuals, marketing materials, music and more, you have copyrights.  Copyrights protect your works from being copied. They last for the life of the author plus 70 years, and for businesses, 95 years […]

ChatGPT Can be an Evil Genie

Lawyers sanctioned for using ChatGPT by Bill Honaker, The IP Guy ChatGPT is like the evil Genie; you’re granted your wish, then deeply regret asking. For example, you wish to live forever… but don’t include staying young. The recent case involving New York lawyers using ChatGPT to write their brief is one of those real […]