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Six Things Every Inventor Must Know About Design Patents

Use this powerful new tool to build business value. By Bill Honaker, “The IP Guy” Introduction Design patents are an important tool for getting value from your creations, and they’ve just gotten stronger. As an inventor or business owner, you must get full protection for your inventions. On September 15, 2023,  the Court of Appeals […]

Keys to Strong Patents

The claims are the most important part of a patent! Typically, a utility patent has 7 parts: A title that generally describes the invention. An abstract that summarizes the invention. A background that describes the problem you are solving and what others have done. Drawings of the invention if it can be illustrated. A description […]

Take These Steps to Conserve Your Patents, Trademarks and Cash

Don’t Give Up Your IP During this Crisis by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy Don’t lose valuable IP rights due to the Coronavirus.  We’ve heard the rallying cry, “Defeat the invisible enemy”? No, the other one, “Conserve the cash.”  Businesses of all sizes are trying to conserve their cash during this crisis. […]

The Value of Patents
The Value of Patents: Protecting Your Business and Investments

By Bill Honaker, The IP Guy Introduction: In a recent conversation with John, a business owner, he expressed his belief that patents are worthless, bring no value, often leading to expensive litigation. However, his concern over a competitor’s patented product contradicted his perspective. He wanted advice on how to make the patented product and not […]

Wind turbines
The Unusual GE Wind Turbine Injunction

by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy The Siemens Gamesa v. GE patent case has been widely discussed in the wind industry and has raised important questions about patent law and Intellectual Property rights. Last year, a jury found that GE’s Haliade-X wind turbine infringed Siemens’ patent. The patent protects a structural support […]

Patent Rights to Create New Revenue
Deploying Your Patent Rights to Create New Revenue

by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy You may think of patents as a cost you pay to protect your technology and/or service, and that would be true, but patents also can—and some- times should—do more than that. They can be revenue generators, which is why companies should consider whether patent licensing makes […]

The Perks and Pitfalls of Creating Prolific AI Inventors

by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy Originally Posted January 24, 2022 Updated February 16, 2023 In an article I wrote for VentureBeat I discuss the debate on whether AI machines should be able to patent their inventions and policy consideration. Can AI Be The Inventor of a Patent? U.S. Judge says “no,” while […]