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IP Value

Intellectual Property (435 Words)

Conserve Your Patents, Trademarks, and Cash (842 Words)

Intellectual Property Protection (740 Words)

ReCiPe for Success (1201 Words)

The High Cost of Ignoring IP (734 Words)

What Is Intellectual Property? (440 Words)

Why Is Intellectual Property Important to Business? (538 Words)


An IP Horror Story – Friday the 13th (757 words)

Beware of Graffiti Copyright Infringement (679 words)

Business Owners Beware (334 words)

Copyright Infringement Can Sneak Up On You (969 words)

Copyright Infringement Notices Unleash Ransomware (508 words)

Copyright Infringement of Internet Images  (998 words)

How to Copyright Your Creative Work (1,092 words)

Russian Doll Copyright as a Defense (715 words)


Business Owners Beware – Three IP Traps That Ensnare Businesses (485 Words)

Can You Fix Without Infringing? (730 Words)

Deploying Your Patent Rights to Create New Revenue (715 Words)

How To Patent an Idea (1120 Words)

Licensing Your Patents – 5 Things to Consider (893 Words)

Only Humans Can Own Patents (772 Words)

Patent Law – Is Your Patent Being Infringed? (754 Words)

Patent Litigation: A Business Nightmare (819 Words)

Patents (236 Words)

Provisional Patent Applications (1224 Words)

US Patent Search (603 Words)


Business Owners Beware – Trademark Traps (667 Words)

Conserve Your Patents, Trademarks, and Cash (842 Words)

How Do I Trademark a Name? (890 Words)

How to Choose a Great Trademark (847 Words)

How to Do a Trademark Search (931 Words)

How to Keep Your Trademarks Forever (762 Words)

Nestle Ordered to Stop (556 Words)

Swing and a Miss – Cleveland Guardians in Jeopardy (672 Words)

“THE” Trademark Now Owned by Ohio State (763 Words)

Trademark Registration Can Be Tricky (486 Words)

Trademark Registration – The Rest of the Story (784 Words)

Trademark vs. Copyright (984 Words)

Trademarks (376 Words)

What Is a Trademark? (376 Words)

Why Do I Need a Trademark? (1026 Words)

Are Foreign Manufacturers Stealing Your Trademarks? (95 Words)

Fair Use of Your Competitor’s Trademarks (139 Words)


Obamas Face Setback in Trademark Dispute (1150 Words)

“Sussex Royal” Trademark Update (314 Words)

Your Tax Dollars at Work – US Border Patrol Will Protect Your Trademarks (128 Words)

Trade Secrets

Trade Secrets (311 Words)

Cautionary Words about Words in Agreements (743 Words)

The Spy in Your Business – Protecting Trade Secrets (855 Words)

What Are Trade Secrets? (315 Words)