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Intellectual Property, Trade Secret, Copyright Law Expert
For more than 30 years, Bill Honaker has been helping businesses, ranging from Fortune 100 firms to individual entrepreneurs, to protect their patents, trademarks, and copyrights. A former Patent Office Examiner, he is a partner with Dickinson Wright, LLC. He’s especially good at keeping clients out of court.
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Invisible Assets front cover

­­­Invisible Assets: How to Maximize the Hidden Value in Your Business

Your most precious business assets are hiding in plain sight, vulnerable to infringement, theft, or worse. When you develop a new product, service, process, or idea, it falls under the intangible asset group known as Intellectual Property. They can represent half, or more, of the company’s value. And they’re often overlooked, neglected, or ignored. This book provides entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders with the clear roadmap you need to Recognize, Collect and Protect these invisible assets.

A Business Guide to Intellectual Property

­­­A Business Owner’s Guide To Intellectual Property: Turn Your Ideas Into Gold

If you develop a new product, service, process, or idea, it should belong to you, and be considered your Intellectual Property. It seems like such a basic concept, but it’s not. You’d be surprised how many people fail to recognize the incredible value of their IP, losing millions, while leaving future revenues unprotected and vulnerable.

Michigan Marijuana Laws

­­­Entrepreneur’s Guide to Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws

Written by some of Michigan’s top legal and financial experts, and providing a step-by-step guide to obtaining one or more of Michigan’s five medical marijuana licenses, and then running a successful business. If you are looking for one place to get all the information that you need to understand Michigan’s commercial medical marijuana laws as well as a how-to guide for starting a highly profitable medical marijuana business in Michigan, then this book is for you!

Intellectual Property Deskbook for the Business Lawyer

Intellectual Property Deskbook for the Business Lawyer: A Transactions-Based Guide to Intellectual Property Law, Fourth Edition

 In its fourth edition, this best-selling guide for general practitioners, business lawyers, and corporate counsel provides a practical reference for lawyers who need to understand intellectual property issues that arise in various business contexts.

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