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What to do with a Copyright Infringement Letter

The Risky Business of Copying Images from the Internet Today I want to talk about copyright infringement, and in particular, copyright infringement that results from cutting and pasting images from the Internet and using them on your website, in your blogs, your videos, or your marketing materials. Then I will discuss what to do when […]

Copyright Wake Up Call: Register or Regret!

Copyright Registration is the Ultimate Insurance Policy for Creatives By Bill Honaker, The IP Guy Copyright registration provides creative people with two key benefits. Copyright protection attaches immediately, automatically.  But to enforce your copyright, it must be registered with the United States Copyright Office. It’s required before you can file a lawsuit for infringement. Registration […]

Using AI Can Kill Your Copyright

Beware, Copyright Office Guidelines require disclosure of AI-generated content, or else! By Bill Honaker, The IP Guy The US Copyright Office, courts, and businesses are all busy writing policies and regulations regarding Artificial Intelligence. But, focusing on AI without a good definition leads to confusion and uncertainty.   Definitions are important. When I started at […]

Taylor Swift Teaches Copyright Law

You can learn a lot from her! by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, The IP Guy Taylor Swift is red hot, and in the news with her new songs and tour. A couple of years ago she was in the news because her songs were sold without her consent. You may not even remember her […]

What Is Copyright Fair Use?

by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy Copyright law is complicated, and often misunderstood. The concept of Fair Use is often asserted by someone accused of infringement. Fair use is a defense to copyright infringement and, when properly applied, can allow use of copyrighted works without first obtaining permission from the copyright holder. The […]

What Is Copyright?

by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy Originally Posted December 7, 2021 Updated February 3, 2023 Copyright is a type of IP that gives owners the exclusive right to make copies of a creative work. Protection of copyrights attaches as soon as an idea is expressed in a form that can be reproduced […]

How to Copyright Your Creative Work

Copyright protection is important to your business Copyrights are everywhere in business. They include your logos, website, marketing content, images, PowerPoint presentations, and even your product assembly instructions. Copyright protection attaches upon the expression of an idea in tangible form. Basically, if you can give someone a copy, then it’s automatically protected. You don’t have […]