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Patent Rights to Create New Revenue
Deploying Your Patent Rights to Create New Revenue

You may think of patents as a cost you pay to protect your technology and/or service, and that would be true, but patents also can—and some- times should—do more than that. They can be revenue generators, which is why companies should consider whether patent licensing makes sense. There are several ways this can be realized: […]

The Perks and Pitfalls of Creating Prolific AI Inventors

Originally Posted January 24, 2022 Updated February 16, 2023 In an article I wrote for VentureBeat I discuss the debate on whether AI machines should be able to patent their inventions and policy consideration. Can AI Be The Inventor Of A Patent? U.S. Judge says “no,” while others consider it a “maybe.” Artificial intelligence (AI) has […]

Fix Without Infringing
Can You Fix Without Infringing?

Depends how much needs fixing! You’ve purchased a product that is patented. It’s stopped working and needs to be fixed. Can you fix it without infringing the patent? That depends on how much fixing is needed.  The question is part of the doctrine of patent exhaustion which terminates all patent rights at the authorized sale […]

Design Patents Thumbnail
Design Patents

Design Patents – Don’t forget about them, they can be very powerful! This week I discuss the difference between Design and Utility Patents and why they matter to you. Click here to watch the video. Have questions about trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, or other types of Intellectual Property? Let’s talk and assess your IP […]

Platinum Jubilee
Inside the $356 Million Business of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee

I recently had the pleasure of being quoted in the Fast Company article, “Inside the $365 Million Business of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.“   The article discusses the impact of the lenient guidelines disseminated by the royal family regarding the designing of products around the Platinum Jubilee.   Have questions about patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, […]

$2 Billion Patent Damage Award Against Intel
$2 Billion Patent Damage Award Against Intel

On March 2, a jury awarded VSLI more than $2 billion in damages against Intel for infringing two patents covering technology to reduce computer chip power consumption. Highlights The technology was never used by the patent owners. The patents were pulled off the shelf where they were collecting dust. A hedge fund, Fortress Investment, is […]

The US Patent System Knocked Out of Top Ten

The annual U.S. Chamber International IP Index is fresh off the presses. The United States ranked 12th, behind Singapore, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. The scores were close, Singapore the leader scored a 7.75, the others above the US a 7.5.  The US came in at 7.25. […]