ChatGPT Can be an Evil Genie

Lawyers sanctioned for using ChatGPT by Bill Honaker, The IP Guy ChatGPT is like the evil Genie; you’re granted your wish, then deeply regret asking. For example, you wish to live forever… but don’t include staying young. The recent case involving New York lawyers using ChatGPT to write their brief is one of those real […]

Taco Bell
Taco Bell’s Taco Tuesday Fight

By Bill Honaker, The IP Guy Taco Bell is trying to cancel the trademark registration for the phrase, “Taco Tuesday.” A competitor, Taco John’s, registered “Taco Tuesday” as a trademark with the United States Trademark Office on December 19, 1989.  Cision PR reported that Taco Bell’s Chief Marketing Officer, Taylor Montgomery stated: “Our passion for […]

The Value of Patents
The Value of Patents: Protecting Your Business and Investments

By Bill Honaker, The IP Guy Introduction: In a recent conversation with John, a business owner, he expressed his belief that patents are worthless, bring no value, often leading to expensive litigation. However, his concern over a competitor’s patented product contradicted his perspective. He wanted advice on how to make the patented product and not […]