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Design Patents

Design Patents – Don’t forget about them, they can be very powerful! This week I discuss the difference between Design and Utility Patents and why they matter to you. Click here to watch the video. Have questions about trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets, or other types of Intellectual Property? Let’s talk and assess your IP […]

Platinum Jubilee
Inside the $356 Million Business of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee

I recently had the pleasure of being quoted in the Fast Company article, “Inside the $365 Million Business of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.“   The article discusses the impact of the lenient guidelines disseminated by the royal family regarding the designing of products around the Platinum Jubilee.   Have questions about patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, […]

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How Do I Trademark a Name?

Your trademark may be your most valuable asset and should be protected. The best way to protect your mark is to register it. You can register a mark with the United States Trademark Office, state trademark offices, and in other countries. The best approach depends upon your business and its future expansion. Trademarks in the […]

Swing and a Miss - Cleveland Guardians in Jeopardy.
Swing and a Miss – Cleveland Guardians in Jeopardy

Don’t make the same mistake when choosing your trademark The Cleveland Indians whiffed big time when they decided to change their name to the Guardians.  There was already a Cleveland Guardians team. The Cleveland Guardians roller derby team filed a lawsuit claiming trademark infringement. C’mon man! If the roller derby team did use Cleveland Guardians […]