Obamas Face Setback in Trademark Dispute

by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy The New York Times reported that former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama had filed to register the trademark, “Higher Ground,” for their entertainment company. But they were refused. Hanisya Massey got their first. She registered “Higher Ground” more than ten years earlier. […]


The English language can be challenging. Words can have different meanings for different readers. Even with great care, words that seem clear can be interpreted in different ways. Let’s not kill all the lawyers. Just understand that language is tough to interpret.

Red Tesla Roadster trade secret intellectual property
The Spy in Your Business – Don’t Lose Valuable Trade Secrets

Often Overlooked, Trade Secrets can be Valuable Tesla, Halliburton, and Google Sue Tesla recently filed two lawsuits for theft of trade secret. They sued several former employees and the two companies they joined, Zoox and Chinese EV automaker Xiaopeng. The trade secrets involved their driverless vehicle technology. Halliburton just sued a former employee for stealing […]

The US Patent System Knocked Out of Top Ten

by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy The annual U.S. Chamber International IP Index is fresh off the presses. The United States ranked 12th, behind Singapore, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK. The scores were close, Singapore the leader scored a 7.75, the others above the […]

US Postal Service Guilty of Copyright Infringement . . . Again!

Oops! They did it again! by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy Don’t let your business get caught up in a copyright lawsuit. They’re messy and expensive. And it could happen to you. Copyrights are everywhere in business; for example, copyrights are on your website, product pictures and descriptions, annual reports, brochures, software, […]

Supreme Court Gives Patent Owners Big Win

by Intellectual Property Attorney Bill Honaker, the IP Guy On June 22, 2018, the United States Supreme Court held that a patent owner can collect lost foreign profits for use of an infringing product outside the United States. The case involved WesternGeco LLC suit against ION Geophysical Corporation for patent infringement. The patents relate to […]